New home

I am very attached to our home, I almost consider it as a part of myself and a very essential for my well being. This makes moving a great challenge for me. This time though it seems to go more smooth, and I am very pleased with the timing. J promised to pack and move everything. 
The new home is in the southern part of Fyn. There is a forrest and a creek

1) It is a girl
2) The new home
3) I added new originals in the shop
4) Christmas present

4 kommentarer:

  1. Tillykke med jeres kommende pige! Jeres nye hjem ser fantastisk idylisk ud.

  2. Ui it´s a girl again :) wish you the best for the coming months!
    Your new home looks super nice and cosy!

  3. Spændende med nyt hjem. Det ser helt eventyrligt ud.
    Og tillykke med den lille pige I venter.

  4. Tillykke med den lille pige i maven :) Og hvor ser det nye hjem fantastisk dejligt og fint ud! Held & Lykke.