It has been a long time since my last post, my computer is broken. Today I picked up a new one.
I took a long brake from work, really nice with time off actually because we are having a spring baby in may, and I have been tired the past months.

I have a lot of things to share, like the inside of Andrea Hejlskov´s book "og DEN STORE FLUGT". I will get back to this in another post.

The tallest tree in our garden collapsed in a storm, and the chicken run is totally destroyed, so the hen now live in the polytunnel with a smaller hen house inside.

Frida started to read books in her bed every morning and she is saying, "mamma i am reading, i will be there in a sek." I love to see her personality develop.

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  1. Tillykke! Det bliver fantastisk med et lille forårs barn. (Dejlig illustration, du er så dygtig)

    1. Ja det gør. Tænk at man kan få børn. TAk og tak