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Wild horses and organic local food

I have never been on the island Langeland before, it's beautiful, I can highly recommend it.
We went to Skovsgård, an organic farm with family activities, we collected insects in a small pond in the park,  and had lunch in MadMarked (FoodMarket). In the FoodMarket you can buy locally produced organic products. 
After lunch we went to see the wild horses, a herd of approx. 60 Exmoor ponies who manage on their own all year round.

Seasonal colors

1) I gradually started working again after having Dagmar, and it fells great. 2)Autumn colors on my little one. 3) The beautiful diversity in eggs from our hens  4) Handmade spoon by my dad, there will more about him and his work soon. 5) my sweet heart. 6) poppy seeds. 7) more work

More on my book "Cirkus Svimmel" at Lille Nord

It's all so quiet

Right here, right now

Finurlig - "Cirkus Svimmel" giveaway!

Photo: Finurlig

These two beautiful circus princesses are reading my book. 
Because right now finurlig runs a giveaway with Cirkus Svimmel, drop by and leave a comment, you might be the lucky one.
Take time to look at some of the other posts on that blog as well, it is one of my favorites.

late summer days

 These are all photos from the past month.