The book

Cirkus Svimmel will be available in my shop later, I will let you know

"Pan Prokouk Akrobat"

Today Frida and I watched this animation from Tjeckoslovakia 1959, it is beautiful. "Pan Prokouk Akrobat" 


Around here

My sweethearts
The adorable bloomers Dagmar is wearing was a gift from my german colleague Sathya Ranjana, I am very pleased.

*Cirkus svimmel*

The 1. of August "Cirkus Svimmel" is released. This is my first children's book and it is a life dream that comes through.
It is the highlight of my summer together with my second baby Dagmar.

I made the first illustrations for "Cirkus Svimmel" as I was studying in Slovakia, this is five years ago. When I came back to Denmark, after living in Berlin for 2 years, I contacted the author Erik Trigger, and he has made the intriguing rhymes that follows the drawings giving life to the caracters in the book
More illustrations where made and now the book is in the printing house, all done. publised by Alvilda and typeset by Eller med A 

I can't wait to show you more!