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Finurlig - "Cirkus Svimmel" giveaway!

Photo: Finurlig

These two beautiful circus princesses are reading my book. 
Because right now finurlig runs a giveaway with Cirkus Svimmel, drop by and leave a comment, you might be the lucky one.
Take time to look at some of the other posts on that blog as well, it is one of my favorites.

late summer days

 These are all photos from the past month.

The book

Cirkus Svimmel will be available in my shop later, I will let you know

"Pan Prokouk Akrobat"

Today Frida and I watched this animation from Tjeckoslovakia 1959, it is beautiful. "Pan Prokouk Akrobat" 


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My sweethearts
The adorable bloomers Dagmar is wearing was a gift from my german colleague Sathya Ranjana, I am very pleased.