Here & now

I really enjoy when we are all outside, Frida playing, J fixing something, me fixing something else and Dagmar either looking or sleeping. It is one of the best ways of being together.
Our black hen got 11 chickens and the yellow is broody and laying on 16 eggs. The cock lost his head. I think he is going to become a delicious soup one of the next days. We got a new big black marran cock and two hens, who hopefully will provide us with bigger chickens for eating next year. 

Days process 

Fresh chamomile tea




First I thought, maybe there is not going to be a vegetable garden this year, I have to lower my ambitions. After the vegetable garden was done I accepted that the greenhouse was not going to happen, but now it seems like it will anyway!

Today a duck left one of her ducklings outside our house, now we have two babies. 

It is green all around and we eat a lot of strawberries, because it´s season.


Rhubarb juice